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Luigi Nervo

Seo, content and digital marketing

I am Luigi Nervo,I deal with digital marketing and I help companies and e-commerce to achieve business objectives by improving brand awareness and generating qualified leads, quote requests and both online and offline sales.

Marketing analysis, performance marketing, conversions

Everything starts from precise marketing analysis and leads to results. Analytical approach is the basis of my working method and is then enriched by a good deal of creativity that allows me to find original and effective solutions. This leads me to achieve marketing goals both as brand awareness and as sales and lead generation.

I address companies that want to take advantage from online channels to increase sales or to get valuable commercial leads, but also to those that want to expand their target audience and reach new market niches.

My strength is content marketing. I manage and produce multimedia content in order to increase online qualified traffic from Google search, social media, guest posts and different kinds of online advertising. After increasing traffic on the website and other digital properties, I turn it into conversions: online sales, quote requests, lead generation. Thus, I maximize profit from marketing activities.

Through content marketing techniques, I can also increase brand awareness. Thus the company acquires greater authority and is able to outperform competitors and increase sales, both online and offline.

I can autonomously manage e-commerce and other online sales channels such as Amazon,dealing with both strategic and operational marketing. I have a good knowledge of Google Shopping, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and other traffic acquisition channels; I am able to improve website performance to increase conversion percentage and increase sales.

I always keep up to date on the latest developments related to digital marketing. Thus, thanks to analytical thinking and the ability to think outside the box, I can anticipate trends. Many of my professional successes came precisely from the use of innovative strategies at the right time.

Experience in the field

In my career at Seat Pagine Gialle and other web agencies I have managed communication plans for hundreds of customers from every sector and size. I have dealt with the creation of websites and e-commerce, content marketing, Seo, online advertising, lead generation. I have always achieved the agreed goals and I have often exceeded them.

In my professional career I have also worked in the field of offline communication (press and radio) and, at Sipra (Rai Pubblicità),I had dealt with radio audience analysis in relation to consumption habits. In my last experience at Italiaonline online magazines, I have combined marketing and communication aspects. This has been a further development of my professional figure that contains broad vision of marketing and communication strategy and then find its maximum expression in all related to digital aspects.


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