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I am Luigi Nervo, I work in digital marketing, journalism and communication. I help publishers and media companies achieve business goals by improving brand awareness, increasing views, and turning a profit through content marketing, native advertising, and affiliate strategies.

Analytics, views, monetization

Experiences in marketing and journalism allow me to maximize the results and profit of online magazines and newspapers. Precise data analysis and an impeccable marketing strategy, along with communication and content marketing skills, are the ingredients for increasing views and engagement, and then converting them into valuable conversions for advertisers and the publisher.

I target publishers and media companies who want to leverage every digital channel to increase views and who want to apply monetization strategies such as native advertising, content marketing, and affiliation.

My skills are a mix of marketing, communication and journalism. Having worked in all of these areas, I have a very thorough overview that allows me to plan a comprehensive strategy that can bring concrete and measurable results while respecting the editorial line and quality journalistic work.

I have strong Seo skills and can increase organic traffic and views from Google search, Google Discover and other online channels. I have had excellent results in indexing andacquiring traffic from both cold and hot news articles.

I coordinate marketing side of publishing groups and specialized authors and produce multimedia and journalistic content. Using data and trend analysis, I identify which topics have the most potential for a specific portal and apply techniques that improve its indexing, views, and conversions. I provide engineers with the information they need to optimize websites and develop innovative tools for the work of the entire editorial team.

My marketing skills have led me to journalism with a results-oriented and monetization approach. I am in constant contact with the sales team and collaborate on special projects related to specific commercial offerings for certain clients. I also manage strategies and monetization activities related toaffiliation on Amazon and other channels.

I always keep abreast of the latest developments related to digital marketing and communication. In this way, through analytical thinking and the ability to think outside the box, I am able to anticipate trends. Many of my professional successes have come precisely because of using innovative strategies at the right time.

Experience in the field

Journalism was the starting point of my professional career. I have worked for several newspapers in print, radio and online. Later, I held marketing positions related to radio(Sipra, Rai Pubblicità) and web(Seat Pagine Gialle and several web agencies).

The combination of marketing and journalism skills has built an original professional figure capable of achieving excellent results from the perspective of traffic acquisition and monetization. In my experience at Italianoline, I achieved and surpassed challenging goals by applying working methods and strategies unique in the Italian information landscape.

In managing Bolaffi‘s communication activities, I am also involved in content marketing. Here I found a wealth of interesting stories related to coins and stamps. One example is the Bolaffi Stories project, a series of YouTube videos that tell the story through collectibles.

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