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Why advertising? How does the cost of a product change?

pubblicità prodottiAn advertised product costs more than one that did not use an advertising campaign to promote. So why to advertise? There are many to wonder why they have to pay a product more only to cover the investment in marketing undertaken by the company, while they can find products with similar quality at the lowest prices But at this point the question is another: without advertising and marketing, consumers are able to find products? So what are the advantages of an advertising campaign? Read More

Does a fast site improve Seo ranking on Google?

sito web veloceThe uploading speed of the website is one of the factors that affect the ranking on Google. So making a fast website, helps the Seo activities and allows you to increase traffic from search engines. Obioviously, a fast website is not enough to position itself at the head of the search results, but this is one of the factors that Google considers to enhance the experience of users who are looking for information on the Internet. Read More

I passed the first exam for Google Adwords qualification

Qualifica individuale di Google Adwords

I passed the first exam to obtain the Google Adwords individual qualification that proves the knowledge of the basic principles of online advertising on the most used search engine in the world. The first examination, which is required to achieve the Google Adwords qualification, consists of 95 questions with four possible answers, both single-choice and multiple-choice. The time limit to complete the online test is 120 minutes, but it takes a lot less to finish it safely. The minimum threshold of correct answers for passing the exam is 85%. Read More

Cheap or free websites? Where is the catch?

Le bugie del webDo you want to create a cheap website? You can save money but pay attention to catches. Many people guarantee one minute made or free website, but with a thousand asterisks and annotations that are written in small letters. As in all things, if you need a service or a product and you do not have the skills to make it happen, you should rely on those who do that job and, if you do not want a cheesy result, you should invest. Otherwise you will have a poor website that does not allow you to achieve our business objectives and in some cases it also makes damages. So beware of these humbugs who guarantee websites for a few Euros per month and that are achievable in a few minutes. Let’s see why. Read More