Marketing and communication strategy

You can’t improvise a good marketing strategy: analysis, study and planning are essential. Digital marketing offers a lot of possibilities to achieve business goals and you can track everything online.

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5 reasons not to open an e-commerce

Opening an ecommerce can be a way to sell and earn more because it expands the reach of our store. But it's not always the best solution: managing an e-commerce means commitment and investment. Let's forget the false myth that you immediately become rich with little...

Quality content rewards the Seo: the Google EAT model

No more fake news. Faced with a drop in the level of information and excessive use of sensationalistic headlines, Google and other online platforms have decided to act and reward authentic news from sources deemed reliable. To establish the reliability of a news or a...

How to choose hashtags for photos on Instagram

Choosing the best hashtags for photos or stories on Instagram isn't as easy as it sounds: we often spend more time thinking about what to write in the caption than taking the photo. Whether you're an influencer, a company's social media manager, or a simple user,...

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