Web and inbound marketing, how to attract new customers

inbound marketingThanks to the web, inbound marketing has now overtaken the call center or telemarketing. Today blogs, social media, SEO activities and direct email marketing become the most effective means of generating leads during the first step of the sales funnel. The inbound marketing responds to a different philosophy than outbound: instead of bombarding consumers with one-way messages, the company is reached after a search by an interested consumer. Read More

Google Hotel Finder, the hotels search engine

Google Hotel FinderLooking for a hotel in Italy or abroad? Google Hotel Finder is your ideal search engine. It is a useful tool for web marketing in tourism, an opportunity for facilities to get more online visibility and promote their business through the best offers, promotions, and user generated reviews. It’s part, such as Google Flights, of the products portfolio planned by the American company to attack the tourism online market. How does Google Hotel Finder work? Read More

Export and ecommerce in Russia: Yandex better then Google

Yandex, il motore di ricerca della RussiaHow to optimize ecommerce and exports in Russia? Adapting to the market where Yandex has surpassed Google as a local search engine and Ozon is the most popular e-commerce service, better then superpowers such as eBay and Amazon. That of Russia and the former Soviet republics is a fast-growing market, but it is characterized by elements linked to the language and the development of a vast area between Europe and Asia that make it a unique case in the world. Russia is a gold mine for the European countries hit by the economic crisis. Read More

ROI calculation of online advertising by Google AdWords

ROI dellapubblicità con Google AdwordsHow much does online advertising by Google AdWords cost? What is the return on investment (ROI)? Planning an advertising campaign on Internet, as on every channel, means studying carefully a plan that is oriented to specific goals that can be measured with precision. John Wanamaker, the American pioneer of marketing, in the nineteenth century said : “Half of what I spend on advertising is lost, the problem is that I do not know which half”. Read More

Why advertising? How does the cost of a product change?

pubblicità prodottiAn advertised product costs more than one that did not use an advertising campaign to promote. So why to advertise? There are many to wonder why they have to pay a product more only to cover the investment in marketing undertaken by the company, while they can find products with similar quality at the lowest prices But at this point the question is another: without advertising and marketing, consumers are able to find products? So what are the advantages of an advertising campaign? Read More