Profession customer relationship marketing manager (CRM)

consumer relationship marketing managerThe costumer relationship marketing manager (CRM) is the figure in the company who is in charge of loyalty marketing and acquisition of new customers. His main weapon is Direct Email Marketing (DEM), ie the part concerning the sending of newsletters and analysis, but he can also cover the management of all customer service support where required. His duties may vary depending on the company that sells products and services to consumers or business. According to the Page Personnel study of Italian salary, the customer relationship marketing manager is one of the figures related to the area of new media strongly linked to marketing. Read More

Profession webmaster, the website guardian

Professione webmaster The webmaster is one of the most classic between the web professions. It is not only involved with the creation of websites, but their management and maintenance in compliance with international standards are the heart of his work. Its activity intersects with those of other web specialists and assignments may vary depending on the size and complexity of the company for which he works. According to the Page Personnel study of Italian salary, the webmaster is part of the professions related to information technology, so it is more a technical area related with computer science than with marketing and communication. Read More