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Le bugie del webDo you want to create a cheap website? You can save money but pay attention to catches. Many people guarantee one minute made or free website, but with a thousand asterisks and annotations that are written in small letters. As in all things, if you need a service or a product and you do not have the skills to make it happen, you should rely on those who do that job and, if you do not want a cheesy result, you should invest. Otherwise you will have a poor website that does not allow you to achieve our business objectives and in some cases it also makes damages. So beware of these humbugs who guarantee websites for a few Euros per month and that are achievable in a few minutes. Let’s see why. First, a website must be customized, it must be unique and stand out from the billions of websites that are online. But not only this, it has to be tailored according to the needs of those who ask. The wonder services that we find on the Internet sell pre-designed templates that do not allow customization, usually only the colors of the template, logos and photos. The result? Our site may be the same or very similar to that of a competitor or of many others and get lost in the ocean of the web. These services allow you to create websites with a few pages. To be cheap, usually they are filled in price ranges depending on the pages that you you can realize. For example, there will packages with 5 pages, 20, 50 and so on going up in price. Often those who use these services have the goal to save money, they want to create a cheap website and then, if they do not have great needs, they choose the basic one. In this way they will have a static website that is difficult to update and that say very little about the activity. Having many well-made pages is also a Seo trick that allows the website to be indexed on Google. Having a few pages limit your chances of getting a good rank on the search engines for multiple keywords related to your business and to your network segment. Recall that Google works for pages and each one is indexed for a limited number of keywords. In addition, not all of these cheap services allow you to edit the correct meta data in the way that search engines like a lot. These are just some of the reasons why we must be careful with these miraculous services. To get a better idea, just search on Google some of the operators that promise minute made, free or cheap websites and look at some of their works. They are easy to identify: they are usually ugly, not responsive with your smartphone and with a few pages structure. Talking about this topic, I think about the tale of Pinocchio when the Cat and the Fox had promised to the puppet that, if he had sown in the Field of Miracles its gold coins, the next day a tree of coins would grow. Needless to say, the same evening the two villains had pocketed the money and fled like the wind. Lies have short legs, so do not trust the crafty old foxes and contact a web marketing professional. It will cost a little more than a few Euros per month, but it will be an investment that will allow you to have a custom, well done and effective work.

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