Web run fast and in seven years digital world has changed a lot. I realized this while I was rebuilding this blog that had been launched in february 2013 and left one year later primarily beacause of lack of time.

Putting my hands again on this website and rereading with kind of melancholy my old articles, has been like come back in time by the legendary Doc’s DeLorean (from the movie “Back to the Future”) and see myself younger in a different world. Originally I have launched this website for witing about the field of marketing and online communication that I was starting to know.

Today I’d like to use this blog to make myself known and to obtain more exposure while I’m looking for new job opportunities in Turin, but also as a hub for a number of projects that I have in my mind and will come soon. In next articles I am going to write about actual digital reality through deepenings about marketing, communication and Seo.

The DeLorean exhibited at Seo event SMXL Milan 2019

As I said, this virtual DeLoren brought me seven years back. I’d like to share what I found, reinterpreted today in a different reality and with more wisdom.


I’d like to begin this analysis from Seo that is the field in which I grew up more in the last years. 2013 has been the year when Google Penguin and Hummingbird algorithms threatened to disrupt web community. In part it was true: some activities have been penalized and some results have changed in Serp. As for every Google update, people that were already working properly didn’t have great concerns. Now we are watching another revolution with Google Bert that is getting closer and closer to human language.

Another Seo topic that has drawn my attention is link building. This is an evergreen than sometimes disappears and then come back. In January 2014 I was explaining what it is. Later Google came back on this dubject and tried to differentiate between natural and artificial, often dirty, links. I smile when today dome people talk about the grat novelty of link building, a tecnique that exists from the dawn of web.


When I read my analysis about political communication related to 2013 elections, it seems to me to come back to another era.I studied social communication of the candidates, with intense debates on Twiter. Nowadays this social is grown a lot in American political communication, meanwhile in Italy Facebook is the almost unique digital arena of a permanent electoral campaign, thanks to selfies, streamings and fake news. Some politicianspush even on Instragram and TikTok. Seven years ago I didn’t believe that this future could be possible.

In that period I also dealt with e-commerce topic that I knew well thanks to some job experiences. It was a novelty and unfortunately it still is. Amazon have firmly strengthened its market leadership, but only few companies have decided to invest in this sales channel.


I’d like to point out some technical matters that I have seen while rebuilding the website. Being left for seven years, it required a lot of updates: from plugins to php version and WordPress cms. All of these operations took a lot of work pecause I had to check compatibilities and to fix something. From this experience I get a confirmation: never leave a website alone. Regular maintainance is mandatory to mantain high performances and to avoid following burdensome operations.


Now I commit to publishing more articles and launghing some projects. In seven years we will get again in this DeLorean and we will set today’s date on the display. What will we find? How will digital world be changed?

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!

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