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inbound marketingThanks to the web, inbound marketing has now overtaken the call center or telemarketing. Today blogs, social media, SEO activities and direct email marketing become the most effective means of generating leads during the first step of the sales funnel. The inbound marketing responds to a different philosophy than outbound: instead of bombarding consumers with one-way messages, the company is reached after a search by an interested consumer. The web user is looking for information on the Internet and, thanks to the techniques of inbound marketing, get useful answers to his questions. To give a practical example, it is the technique that I use with this blog: I attract people interested in topics related to web marketing with the goal to acquire new contacts and potential clients. The inbound marketing process moves through four steps: attract , convert , close and delight. The user at the beginning of the trail is a stranger and he is eventually turned into a promoter of the brand, product or service. I 4 step dell'inbound marketing The first step is to attract a stranger and turn it into a visitor. It is not important to generate a lot of traffic on the site, but to capture users who may be interested in the proposal. The most effective tool is the Google search that can be exploited through SEO activities and advertising on Google Adwords. Other tools are blogs that offer comprehensive and clear answers on certain topics, social media that enable communication to a very specific audience segments, webinars, infographics and so on . Then you need to convert visitors into sales leads, that is users who expressly indicate their interest through calls to action. For this purpose we can create landing pages, forms to submit requests or contact modules. At this point we have a number of potential customers who have contacted us. We need to close the sale. How to turn them into customers? You must study in advance a list of the actions to take to respond to user requests according to the company’s strategy, for example sending automated or personalized e-mail, phone calls, invitations or other actions. It’s important to respond and not to squander the request. We finally made a sale. It’s over here? Absolutely not. Never to lose a customer obtained with such difficulty. The last step is to delight the customer and to transform it into enthusiastic promoter who continues to buy our products or services and recommend us to friends. We don’t have to abandon our clients and we have to involve him through direct email marketing campaigns, newsletters, promotions and targeted special offers, social media marketing and other actions that turns a consumer into a prosumer through a two-way communication between the company and the consumer.

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