Luigi Nervo

Digital marketing and Seo specialist
Turin (Italy)

I am Luigi Nervo, digital marketing and Seo specialist from Turin (Italy). I have always worked in communication field, earlier as a journalist (I’m registered at the Italian freelance journalists register), later in advertising and marketing area.

I have worked for companies among wich Seat Pagine Gialle, Sipra (Rai Advertising) Italiaonline, Dylog Italia, Jusan Network, Zip Progetti and for newspapers including Zipnews, La Piazza, La Nuova Periferia, Nuovasociet√†, Il Corriere Sportivo. As a journalist I’ve covered roles of editor, redactor and correspondent, dealing with online and video contents, press articles and radio reports. In online marketing area I’ve instead managed advertising and communication projects, from the website building and management to the sponsored advertising. I’ve also carried out quantitative and qualitative analysis for radio advertising. Now I deal with Seo and content management for editorial vertical portals of Italiaonline group: Libero Tecnologia, Qui Finanza, Virgilio Motori, SiViaggia, DiLei.

I’m also available to provide consultings to companies and local businesses seek to increase their activity. I can build websites and manage advertising and contents creation to generate new leads.

Right now I seek for new job opportuinities in Turin and Piedmont (Italy)


Seo and Sem

I’ve a huge Seo Experience and I can easily improve search engines ranking for websites and local businesses. I also manage online advertising and I can generate qualified lead from Sem activity.

Content Marketing

I’ve covered a lot of assignments related to management and cration of multimedial contents for web, press and radio. I can talk about the company with involving and effective contents. Recently I specialized in online contents.


Due to experiences in specialized web agencies and projects with clients, I know deeply e-commerce world, from advertising and communication to online store and offers management.

Corporate communication

Due to a lot ofn experiences in project management of online and offline communication, I can manage on every level companies and local business corporate communication, focused on results.

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