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Luigi Nervo

Luigi Nervo

Seo and Content Marketing Specialist

I am Luigi Nervo and I deal with Seo and content marketing, performance marketing and lead generation.

Due to specific skills in different areas of digital marketing and to a data driven approach towards concrete and measurable results, I help companies, e-commerce and publishers to achieve their goals with profit. Indeed, I can reach a profiled audience and convert views into leads, online and offline sales, quote requests, but I can also manage effective monetization strategies related to content marketing and affiliation.

Digital marketing from data to creativity to achieve results

My strenght is content marketing and Seo. I manage complex editorial plans, coordinate groups of specialized editors and create multimedia content that can reach a specific audience and generate interest and involvement. I am able to manage performance marketing campaigns that include Sem activities of online advertising (for example on Google AdWords, Google Shopping and Facebook) and social media marketing.

I have a data driven marketing approach towards concrete and measurable results. The starting point is data analysis and strategy: we have tools at our disposal that allow us to obtain valuable information about our digital properties and our users/customers. This step is the essential start for a good results-oriented work: from here, a solid and structured path begins, that will reach and probably exceed the set objectives.

From a data-driven strategy we come to the execution of digital marketing activities. My experience have allowed me to manage communication campaigns for hundreds of companies of all sizes and for online and offline publishers and media.

From a very analytical approach, I add creativity in this stage. I don’t like to necessarily follow a road already mapped out, but I always look for new routes and new challenges to reach the finish line while remaining on track. I think this approach is more stimulating and, by my experience, I can say with confidence that it is the most effective way to achieve results.

Thanks to a continuous update on the latest digital marketing developments, analytical thinking and the ability to think outside the box, I can anticipate trends. Many of my professional successes have come indeed thanks to the use of innovative strategies at the right time.

The third step is monetization. Having reached a profiled audience, thanks to an intelligent customer journey presidium, it is easy to make a profit if the right conversion strategy is applied. Everything is connected and my work also includes this aspect. In my career I have successfully managed several campaigns related to lead generation, online sales (through e-commerce or other channels such as Amazon), content marketing, editorial side native advertising and affiliation.

What about the fourth step? Let’s jump again to the start. So let’s go back to the first step, but now we have even more data that allows us to increase profit even more.

Write to me if you would like to know more.

Professional experience

Communication and digital marketing are the pillars of my professional career that has been divided into two types of companies: advertising agencies and publishers or media. I have carried out strategic activities, practical execution and data analysis: this has helped me to maintain strong and effective connections between all business processes, even those complementary to mine.

I am very versatile and curious. In my career I always try to create connections with other working teams,to share knowledge and information, to learn. In particular, I had the opportunity to work together with the sales and development departments. These wothwhile contacts have allowed me to develop a greater awareness of customer needs and advanced technologies such as marketing intelligence and text automation. A strong interest in technology has also allowed me to deepen many issues that are often defined ” for nerds” in marketing field.

Journalism has been the spark that ignited in me the flame of communication since university: the pleasure of reading reality and telling it. I have worked for several print, radio and web media companies, creating multimedia content. Then the second flame, marketing, was lit: making these stories a tool to achieve concrete goals and generate profit. Initially I had worked at Sipra (Rai Pubblicità) where I carried out marketing analysisabout audience. Then I had worked at several web agencies in Turin and at Seat Pagine Gialle, managing communication and digital marketing projects. At Italiaonline i have worked on Seo and content marketing for the group’s online magazines. Now i’m working as a digital marketing manager per Bolaffi. Here, I manage online commun ication for the companies of the group in Italy and abroad, gestisco la comunicazione online delle società del gruppo in Italia e all’estero, wandering between retail of collectibles, e-commerce shops, investment gold and auctions.

I’d like to mention an experience that is not professional, but that has helped to sculpt my professional figure: swimming. I have been in this sport for several years and I have participated in races of master championships. Swimming have taught me to work hard to achieve goals defined by the hundredths of a second and to train to improve every single feature that can lead me to success. By swimming I also have discovered the value of teamwork: during the race I am alone against the opponents, but teammates are together with me on the stands and during training. As well as in sport, teamwork, collaboration and sharing are fundamental to me also at work.

I have recently joined a new path, the theatre improvvisation. This activity let me develop and express to the full my creativity, as well as soft skills like communication, team work and the ability to react to external actions. Get in touch!

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