After I passed the exams, I have achieved the individual qualification as a professional in online advertising by Google Adwords with a specialization in advertising on the search network. To achieve this goal, I had to pass the exam about the basic elements of online advertising, and one specialized exam.

The search advertising advanced exam deals about the planning of an online advertising campaign on the Google search network (ie the paid ads that appear when we seek information on the search engine), setting goals and measuring results. It also explains in details how to use some tools to maximize the return including extensions of the ads, targeting, or how to optimize your landing pages to improve the browsing experience and, as a result, the probability of achieving conversions.

With this certification, I got a label by Google and an offical page that prove my skills in online advertising with Google Adwords. This is a guarantee for my clients who can contact me with the assurance that their investment will not be thrown in advertising improvised campaigns, but will be used to obtain the highest possible yield and to achieve their marketing goals.

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