Opening an ecommerce can be a way to sell and earn more because it expands the reach of our store. But it’s not always the best solution: managing an e-commerce means commitment and investment. Let’s forget the false myth that you immediately become rich with little effort.

Do you really want to open an e-comerce? In this article I explain what are 5 reasons why it might be the wrong choice. If, after reading them, you think you are ready for an ecommerce, write me. If you’ve thought about it, write me the same because there are so many other online activities that can bring great benefits to your store even if you don’t have an ecommerce.

Lack of time and resources

An ecommerce takes a lot of time and resources. You have to take photos, upload products, manage the warehouse and shipments, communicate. I have already written a guide to open an ecommerce with a physical store. Try to see if you can afford to manage all the tasks you need, if you have enough people and time to devote.

If you can’t afford the investments you need or you can’t follow your ecommerce activities right now, maybe it’s better to start improving in-store sales. You can make well-indexed showcase website on Google and Google Maps, so you can take customers to your local business. You can always integrate e-commerce later, when you’re ready.

DIY e-commerce

Do you think you can manage an e-commerce in complete autonomy? To do this, you need to know what you are selling and have excellent sales, administration, logistics, website management, marketing and communication skills. If you know how to do all this and you have the time, start now: you don’t need anyone. Otherwise, build a quality team. I could take care of site management, marketing and communication.

If you just don’t want to have a team, leave the idea of e-commerce alone and have a good website to communicate your business locally. But remember that even in this case a DIY website can only be a waste of time and money. Let me know if you need help.

Common products and non-competitive prices

To sell online you have to differentiate yourself because the competition is very high. One way is to sell unique, personalized or otherwise hard-to-find products elsewhere. Another is to sell common products at affordable prices. The levers are therefore two: originality and price. You could also try focusing on quality care from very experienced people.

If you don’t have any of these requirements, with an ecommerce you risk having more expenses than you earn. Better to aim for a sale at the store supported by a good local digital marketing strategy.

Lack of an online sales project

Everyone has an ecommerce so you have to do it too. No, the approach is wrong and so you risk throwing away a lot of money. An ecommerce does not improvise: it requires a project that integrates into your overall marketing strategy. You also need to take into account investments in advertising and e-commerce support channels. Online sales don’t improvise: even if only one gear jams, the e-commerce machine crashes.

There are no alternatives: start with a strategy or continue to work as before. If you prefer, you can start with a simpler website,Google indexing and social media communication. But even then you need to get help to plan a perfect marketing strategy.

Low confidence in e-commerce

You don’t believe in ecommerce, but do you want to try the same to see how it’s going to go? I anticipate that if you start from this assumption it will definitely go wrong. In ecommerce, as in every other aspect of life, belief is the greatest lever of success. Digital marketing offers many possibilities to achieve your goals, but if you lack confidence it’s like driving a Ferrari using the second gear.

If you’re not sure about ecommerce, write me. I can try to explain to you what the benefits may be for you and, only if you are convinced, start selling online.

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