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Are gone the days that shops or studios let them be found only thanks to newspaper ads, billboards, word of mouth or commercials in some local cinema. Today clients search online what they need and it is here that a local business should be visible and should overcome competitors.

There are online channels that you can use to boost tour local business. In this article I will introduce some of the most effective. Start to read and, if you want to gnow more, keep reading my blog or write to me from contacts page.

Google Maps listing

When a clint want to find out a business nearby, usually he use directly Google Maps app or Google research that by the way show Google Maps box. To get in there, you should register your activity in Google My Business, the key starting point of every local Seo operation.This tab acgieve its greatest result if you can add the physical address of your company,but it works well even if you don’t have a location but provide the radium by wich you want to sell your products or services.

Google My Business account should be updated regurarly with time changes, offers, last news and photos. The grat advantage is that all of this data gives new elements that let Google make you visible related to users’ searches. Don’t underestimate customers reviews: they are one of those crucial aspects for final choice and they can have a great impact on Seo ranking.


The website in more important than you know. Unlike other services that rely on algorithms and providers charged changes, you have full control on your website: you choose what to tell and how. This is the connection point within all social accounts and Google that uses it as one of the main sources from which to find data about your business.

A clear and updated website, with well-defined contact info is the foundation of all your online comunication. If you add a good publishing plan to this, that’s the best

Social media

Facebook is the main social media for local businesses. Here you can easily talk with your clients, you can let them give a review and share your company values. It is Facebook where your customers usually expect to find last news. According to your kind of business, could be useful to activate also other social media (Instagram, Twitter, LinhedIn, TikTok), but there are also warnings: try to find out if a social media could be an enemy or an ally, never break the flow of communication and use the most proper language to the context.

Specialised websites

In some contexts there are powerful specialised websites that generate leads: for istance Booking for hotels, TripAdvisor for restaurants or Autoscout24 for car dealers. All of these websites require more or less high fees, but often rheir service could be foundamental for your business. Find out how to capitalize their potential, but never consider them your unique sals channel: don’t be reliant from them, but use also other channels, first of all your own website.

Online advertising

Advertising (for instance by Facebook Ads or Google AdWords) is the most expensive channel, but it let you achieve goals quickly. The great advantage of online advertising is that it can be targeted to an accurate public within a specific geographic area. Use advertising as part of a planned marketing plan only if you have a strong message or an offer to communicate.


Newsletter let you communicate offers or news immediately to your loyal customers. Build an editorial plan parallel to the one of website and social media. Find the right way to communicate without going overboard.

Online sales channel

Having a local business doesn’t mean that you have to have to be limited to sale products or services within a confined area. Due to e-commerce and marketplaces like Amazon, you can expand your business and address new customers. Old limits are exceeded online.

How to start

We have analyzed what are some of the most effective channels for a local business, a shop or a studio. First steps are the registration of a well-indexed Google My Business account and the tailor-made website building. These are two channels that require an accurate preparationbecause they are crucial for the following steps. Then consider wich of the other channels are really useful in your situation.

If you have any question, write to me. If you start in the ritght way, you grow faster.

Luigi Nervo

Luigi Nervo

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Marketing, Seo and content expert (read the bio).

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Luigi Nervo

Luigi Nervo

Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing, Seo and content expert (read the bio).