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They are Luigi Nervo, Web Marketing Specialist in Turin, Italy specializing in Seo, Sem, Google AdWords advertising, online communication strategies, ecommerce, Google Analytics, social media. To know more precisely what I do, I invite you to consult my online resume. This is the first article in my blog, and I would like to explain why I decided to create a personal site on WordPress and reveal some secrets of the strategy behind it.

First of all, goals, the real starting point of any online and offline marketing strategy. The purpose of this WordPress blog is to make myself known in the web marketing environment by highlighting my skills and experiences. This practice is called personal branding and consists of creating awareness around the person. It is not about becoming a star, but about gaining credibility and authority in your target industry.

Awareness in turn must undergo a larger goal, which is to capture opportunities that mean direct contacts. So those who come to my site, at the end of their journey should click on one of the links or forms to interact with me. The more I can get a high conversion rate, the better my site works.

How to achieve these goals? The first step is to generate traffic. For the time being, I am not going to spend on paid advertising on Google AdWords (it will probably be a future activity), so I have to focus everything on Seo and social networking.

In the beginning I will have to work hard on content, studying well what keywords are most relevant and writing articles that highlight these terms. But they must also be interesting so that they also capture the attention of the audience, not just that of search engine spiders. It is not easy to position yourself in an industry that has so much competition on the Web, but with time and dedication you can get results.

The social media communication included in my strategy relies heavily on Linkedin, Twitter and Google+. I prefer to keep Facebook for more personal use. The three social networks I have chosen allow me to share content with a small but very significant audience: these are mostly people who work in my field or at least in nearby circles and therefore may be more likely to contact me to forward proposals.

After bringing people I am strategically interested in to the site, I have to do something to entertain them and not let them get away. In other words, I have to take care of that step in the sales funnel called interest. The obvious solution is to write interesting things, but that is not enough. It is good to link articles to each other with relevant links so as to increase the average time of visits that you can look up with Google Analytics.

By now my target audience should be drawn to and pinned to the site. With interesting content I increase my online reputation, but to be even more credible I need other sources. And this is where social networks come back into play. for this reason, I have included the best social widgets for WordPress that allow me to connect all my accounts, facilitating interaction and cooperation between different channels. And links to corporate sites add something to my account and bring a little extra traffic to these sites, which never hurts.

I have created awareness by generating traffic, interest with interesting content, and at this point there is the third step, the desire: I have to convince the visitor to contact me to make an offer. How? Explaining well what I can do and what I do. To this end, I took two paths. The first is the more direct link to my resume where all my educational and professional experience can be found.

The second is more indirect and consists of creating six pages for as many areas of my business: web marketing strategies, communication, web search and the Google ecosystem, ecommerce, social media, and website creation. These, with the addition of my work, are also the categories on my site. In the cited pages I explain what these macro-themes are and what I am able to do. At the end of course there is an invitation to contact me.

Finally comes the fateful call-to-action, which is the much-needed direct contact from the person of interest. To encourage this, I have littered the site with links to my e-mail address (if interested, I’ll remind you: luigi.nervo@gmail.com) and have set up buttons with forms to fill out on both the blog and the resume page.

Eventually, if all goes well, I will have generated sales leads of my professionalism. Will I be able to achieve the desired result? We will know over time. In the meantime, keep following me, visit the site and, if you are interested, contact me.

Luigi Nervo

Luigi Nervo

Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing, Seo and content expert (read the bio).

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Luigi Nervo

Luigi Nervo

Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing, Seo and content expert (read the bio).