Google launched the new search algorithm Google Hummingbird to improve the SERP results. What is its impact on SEO activity? This is the question that many web marketing experts from all around the world asked in the last hours about possible changes in the web pages evaluation system and about another possible revolution in the search engine SERPs.

Very little will change for SEO because, as explained in the official blog, the new algorithm that replaces Google Caffeine will aim to improve the search user side, establishing a kind of conversation that keeps track of the search history to offer to the user the best answers in line with its interests. For example, we could ask “how high is Barrack Obama” and then ” when he was born”. Even without specifying to whom we refer, Google Hummingbird is able to understand it. Other parameters that it takes into consideration are the user’s identity and the geographical location.

In addition, Google will use Hummingbird Knowledge Graph to provide contextual results to specific questions. It is the system that allowed you to have additional informations related to the query and that, by writing “da vinci”, also shows the works of the Italian painter. For example, try doing a search (by setting the English language) for ” impressionist artists”, or “appears olive oil vs. butter”, or “earth vs. neptune”. In the first case , Google Hummingbird shows a slider with a list of artists, in the other two cases it will make a comparison between the searched items.

Google’s goal is to offer a better search experience to the the user and it provides the results in line with the demands. SEO is not dead and the page rank remains one of the elements that are used by Google to determine the Hummingbird SERP. The path that Google is following since the introduction of Google Panda and Google Penguin goes toward an ever more accurate optimization of contents that can provide useful answers to the users who perform searches. For this reason,  the classic SEO rules remain valid and the advice is to write original and quality contents, paying attention to both the Google spider that to the readers. Any animal Google decides to launch in the future, content will still be the king.

compare butter vs oil on google
earth vs neptune on google
leonardo da vinci on google

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