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Aug 1, 2013 | Marketing and communications

The costumer relationship marketing manager (CRM) is the figure in the company who is in charge of loyalty marketing and acquisition of new customers. His main weapon is Direct Email Marketing (DEM), ie the part concerning the sending of newsletters and analysis, but he can also cover the management of all customer service support where required. His duties may vary depending on the company that sells products and services to consumers or business.

According to the Page Personnel study of Italian salary, the customer relationship marketing manager is one of the figures related to the area of new media strongly linked to marketing. I suggest reading the book about the new digital jobs by Giulio Xhaet for deepening. The average gain is between 22 to 25 thousand euro gross per year in the first 18 months, between 26 and 30 thousand euro for up to 36 months of experience, between 31 and 35 thousand euro over the 36 months. Among the career opportunities there is a shift to web marketing manager who has responsibility for the development of marketing strategies for the new media.

The customer relationship marketing manager has the responsibility to enhance the user database and to generate repurchase through the appropriate communications. He should be able to organize work in such a way to manage and maintain key customer and to use the new communication channels. Usually operates within defined geographical areas and in larger companies for specific customer groups.

So the key word is customer loyalty. Let’s see what are its tasks.

  • The customer relationship marketing manager is responsible for managing and segmentation of the contacts within the database on the basis of socio-demographic information collected during the registration. This will make it possible to send targeted communications from time to time with specific content depending on the type of customer and get best results.

  • The customer relationship marketing manager plans, if any, activities related to customer service, which can be made by telephone, by email, by chat on the website or through social channels.

  • The customer relationship marketing manager prepares and sends newsletters according to set intervals in the communication plan, but also the texts of SMS, mobile apps or other types of communication channels used. The content and the language must be in line with other activities.

  • The customer relationship marketing manager supports the other figures in the planning of marketing promotional activities related to customer loyalty. These will be an important part of its communications.

  • The customer relationship marketing manager analyzes the feedbacks of messages sent and makes A / B testing to optimize communication.

As we have seen, the customer relationship marketing manager is responsible for the direct marketing activities and aims to build customer loyalty. Its role should be perfectly integrated into the company’s marketing strategy which is a very important piece. It is usually a figure present in larger and structured companies, especially in those where the relationship with customers is one of the main aspects. In other companies the role is played by those involved in the communication or sales.

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