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The Web runs fast, and in seven years the digital world has changed so much. I realized this by redoing this blog, started in February 2013 and abandoned a year later mainly due to lack of time.

Getting my hands back on my site and wistfully rereading my old articles, it was almost like going back in time on Doc’s legendary DeLorean (from the movie “Back to the Future”) and seeing myself younger in a different world. I initially created this site to tell about an area, online marketing and communication, that I was just beginning to learn about. Here I also did several experiments, including messes and creative ideas. I then used what I learned to propose solutions to my clients.

Today I would like to use this blog to make myself known and gain more visibility as I look for new professional opportunities in Turin, but also as a hub for a number of projects I have in mind and coming soon. In future articles I will try to tell the story of today’s digital reality with different insights on marketing, communication and Seo.

The DeLorean on display at the Seo SMXL Milan 2019 event.

As I said, this virtual DeLorean took me back seven years. I would like to share what I found, reread today in a different reality and with greater awareness.


I would like to start this analysis from Seo, which is the aspect in which I have grown the most these years. 2013 was the year when the Google Penguin and Hummingbird algorithms threatened to disrupt the web world. This was partly the case: some practices were penalized and the results in Serp changed. As with all Google updates, those who were already working correctly did not have major concerns. Today we are seeing another revolution with Google Bert moving closer and closer to human language.

Another Seo topic that has caught my attention is link building. It is an evergreen that sometimes disappears only to return. In January 2014 I was explaining what this is all about. Later Google came back to this topic and tried to distinguish between natural links and artificial, often dirty links. It makes me smile that today there are those who tell the great news about link building, a technique that has actually existed since the dawn of the web.


When I read political communication analyses referring to the 2013 elections, I feel like I am returning to another era. I had analyzed the social communication of the then candidates with heated debates even on Twitter. Today this social has grown very much in American political communication, while in Italy Facebook is the almost exclusive digital stage of a permanent election campaign, thanks to selfies, live broadcasts and fake news. Some politicians have even gone as far as Instagram and TikTok. Seven years ago I did not think this future was possible.

At that time I had also dealt with e-commerce, which I became very familiar with through some professional experiences. It was a novelty and unfortunately in Italy it still is today. Amazon has certainly strengthened its leadership in the sector, but there are still few companies that have understood how to use it and have decided to invest in this sales channel.


I would also like to make a note on some technical aspects that I reviewed by redoing the site. Having been abandoned for seven years, this has needed many updates-from plugins to the php version to the WordPress cms. All these interventions required a lot of work because I had to check compatibility and fix some things. From this I got a confirmation: never abandon a website. Constant maintenance is necessary to maintain high performance and to avoid subsequent more costly interventions.


Now I am committed to publishing more articles and starting some projects. Seven years from now we will get back into this DeLorean and put today’s date in the display. What will we find? How will the digital world have changed?

Where we go we don’t need roads!

Luigi Nervo

Luigi Nervo

Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing, Seo and content expert (read the bio).

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Luigi Nervo

Luigi Nervo

Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing, Seo and content expert (read the bio).